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How to Keep Your Dog or Cat Hydrated

Just as we need water to live, be healthy, feel good, and function at our best—dogs and cats need water for the same reasons. If you have a dog or cat, not only do you want to care for them, but you know how important it is that they stay well-hydrated. Water keeps pets cool underneath their fur coats (especially during the summer), keeps them active and energized, helps their joints, and helps them digest food. It’s crucial that owners monitor the drinking habits of their pets, so they don’t become dehydrated or sick. If you want to help your dog or cat drink water more regularly, there’s lots of tips and tricks you can learn—and yes, these tricks are just as cool as “sit down” and “speak”. Here’s 7 ways you can keep your dogs and cats well-hydrated.

How Water Prevents Kidney Stones

You’ve probably been told about someone’s unfortunate experience with kidney stones, and heard how painful it can be. Maybe you’ve even had kidney stones yourself, or you’re dealing with them now. Either way, these stones are not something we want if we can help it. Fortunately, there’s one major thing you can do to keep kidney stones away (or pass them faster). First, let’s establish what kidney stones are and how they form in our bodies.

​Going Green: How Cedar Springs Is Affecting Positive Change for the Environment

With the environment currently in such a vulnerable state, it’s important that companies are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact in our communities and on our natural ecosystems. It’s also important for us, as consumers, to be aware of the environmental efforts made by our service and product providers. With the right information we have the power to affect real change.

​Fantastic Children’s Books about Water

There’s many ways you can teach your kids about water, but how many of these methods actually excite them? A great way to educate your kids about water while engaging them, is by reading.

Lots of non-fiction children’s books tell stories about real life experiences, to help young readers learn about their world in a way that is positive, safe, and inviting. These books are often beautifully illustrated (taking inspiration from nature), and they encourage curiosity in children’s minds

Home or Office Delivery - What Should You Expect

It’s not always easy to know if a company’s service is right for you. Especially services like home or office delivery, which require your trust as a consumer and need to be reliable. What should you expect from the company delivering your product? And what standard of service should the company set? Here are four qualities that make for exceptional product delivery