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​How Your Body Uses Water

If you’re proactive about your hydration (which all Cedar Springs customers are!) then you’re most likely aware of the many physical and mental benefits that come from drinking water. But have you ever taken an in-depth look at the paths and pit-stops water takes as it goes through your body?

I Drank Only Spring Water for 30 Days

Back in October, one of my best friends said to me: “Everyone thinks the adult drink is coffee, but really, it’s water.” This got me thinking.

Was I drinking enough water to care for my adult body properly, or was I depriving myself of something important? Were my choices regarding hydration eventually going to turn detrimental for me if I didn’t make a change? It was this curiosity (and slight concern) that made me decide to take the Cedar Springs Challenge, and drink only Cedar Springs spring water for 30 days.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

The neighbours have decorated their houses with twinkling lights, the shops are playing songs about Santa, and you’ve pulled all the winter jackets from that deep corner of the coat closet. Christmas is fast approaching! (and New Year’s is, too.)

Should You Drink Alkaline Water?

Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increased interest in alkaline water. It is endorsed among wellness communities as an aid for losing weight, healing small ailments such as acid reflux, and achieving healthier lifestyles

How to Stay Active When You’re Busy

It’s not always easy to preserve a consistent exercise routine. We work on our “reasons I’m not active” list, more than we work out our bodies. We’re either too tired or too busy, but most days it’s honestly both. Does this sound familiar? If you need some direction for finding a reliable exercise routine, here are five tips for keeping active when you’re busy