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How the U.S. Water Drought Impacts Canadians

The drought in California and other parts of America may seem distant to Canadians, but it not only is right in their backyard, it is also affecting one of the largest suppliers of food to the region...

How to Get the Best Customer Service from Vendors

A company’s product is important, but how they deal with their customers truly shows who they are. 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how the customer feels they’re being treated and it’s important to make sure the people that are being serviced enjoy dealing with the company that’s selling or providing a service to them...

Explaining Reverse Osmosis Filtration and its Benefits
Many have heard about them, but not everyone knows just what they do. Reverse osmosis filtration provides some unique benefits to water that initially may not have been palatable or healthy to drink. But what, exactly, does it do?

Hydrate to Lose Weight – The Link Between Water and The Body

Water has long been considered an excellent way to cut down on empty calories down and stay feeling full. It replenishes fluids after workouts and helps naturally detox the body. There are some great ways to use water to go down to, and maintain, a healthy weight...