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All About Our Bottled Water

With the growing concern over the safety and purity of our drinking water, it is very important to be confident that your drinking water is absolutely Safe, Pure, and Healthy. To have confidence in your water source requires some research and an understanding of the quality steps that are taken to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality Canadian drinking water possible.

Absolute Purity

Many of Ontario's drinking water sources now require very thorough processing before they are drinkable because they are from surface water sources i.e. Lake Ontario. It is assuring to know that Cedar Springs' bottled water comes from a protected certified Canadian spring (by the Ministry of Environment) in the hills of Oro Medonte. Our pure spring water is from deep beneath the earth's surface, which helps to protect it from contamination. This spring water has traveled through multiple layers of soil, removing ions, pollutants and undesirable compounds. The end result is Canadian spring water that you can drink directly from the spring without further purification (extra steps are taken to ensure the water has no impurities).

Cedar Springs prides itself not only in meeting, but exceeding all industry and government standards required by the bottled water industry. We are members in excellent standing of the Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA), as well as the Water Quality Association (WQA). We are subject to unannounced inspections from the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments, the latter through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), is contracted by CBWA to perform unannounced inspections on our plant on an annual basis. If a bottled water company fails to meet the strict water testing and sanitation guidelines set by the CBWA their membership status will be revoked.

Quality Control & Bottling Process

The process to provide the purest, freshest, all natural Canadian spring water is now under way. The first step in this process is called Ozonation. Ozonation kills any potential bacteria in a safe, odourless and taste free way. Ozone is a natural sterilization process that ensures your water is bacteria-free. Ozone leaves no after taste or smell and is environmentally friendly unlike chlorine.

The next step is to filter out any remaining sediment and to act as a safeguard in removing dust or other airborne particles that may have entered into the water at any step of the transporting process.

The water is then pumped into the waiting sterilized bottles that will be used to provide you with a guaranteed safe drinking water supply. These bottles have been sterilized before being filled and capped in our automated system. The water is then date stamped on the shoulder of the bottle before being stacked and taken out to our delivery trucks to be delivered to you.

Bottled water is regulated as a packaged food product by Health Canada though the Food and Drugs Act. Bottled water companies must adhere to quality standards, good manufacturing practices and labeling requirements. The federal government inspectors of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regularly audit the operations of all bottled water companies to ensure compliance.

In addition to this, many tests are performed around the clock at Cedar Springs to insure a consistent, quality product for you and yours. Once a week, water samples from our source and at two different stages of the bottling process are taken to an independent laboratory in Toronto where more extensive tests are performed to ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Absolutely Healthy

All of the quality control steps that we take in processing our naturally alkaline spring water are in order to give you a final product that is going to promote healthy living. Cedar Springs' bottled water contains no metals or additives. Our naturally alkaline Canadian spring water is also chemical free because it is ozonated instead of chlorinated. Ozonation is a natural disinfection process which does not involve adding chemicals to the water the way chlorination does. Best of all, Cedar Springs' Canadian water tastes great! Many doctors say that one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family's health is the easiest - Drink more water! Most people do not realize how important this is. Drinking the right amount of water can help you have more energy and control your weight as well help increase alertness and performance.

We at Cedar Springs Bottled Water want you to be confident in our commitment to purity, quality control, safety and health.


Ozone is found commonly in nature. Ozone is formed when lightening bolts occur, or when electrical discharge creates a spark. It is also the result of direct ultraviolet radiation from the sun reacting with earth's atmosphere. The Ozone layer in our upper atmosphere provides a protective screen against dangerous amounts of solar radiation. The generation of Ozone is a relatively simple process. Ordinary air is the raw material, the majority of which is diatomic oxygen (02) and nitrogen (N2). Diatomic oxygen is a molecule composed of two oxygen atoms (O) held together by four shared electrons. As the air is drawn through the Ozone reaction chamber, energy is supplied which splits some oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms. Some of the atoms then react with oxygen molecules to form Ozone (03).

Ozone is the most powerful water sanitizer that is readily available. Ozone kills bacteria and virus much faster than chlorine. Chlorine can take hours to penetrate the cell wall of a bacteria or virus. Ozone oxidations occur within seconds. Ozone acts as a cleaning agent and polishes the water.

Ozone has been used as a water sanitizer in the United States since 1929. All the bottling companies for drinks such as sodas, beer and juice use Ozone to sanitize the process water used in their products and packaging. Generally, city and municipal governments use chlorine to kill bacteria.

After 48 hours ozone turns back into oxygen without altering the taste of the water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a filtering system that provides you with great tasting clean water. The process is similar to that of naturally occurring osmosis, where pure water is drawn through a permeable "membrane" or surface into a salt solution. With reverse osmosis, pressure is exerted on untreated water so that the natural process is reversed and it is forced through the membrane, which acts as a very fine filter. The result is pure water. 99.9% Mineral Free.

The Reverse Osmosis Process is a more efficiant way of purifying water and Revers osmosis water has virtually the same purity as distilled water.

Spring Water Analysis

Composition in milligrams per litre (ppm)
Spring Water mg/L (ppm) Health/Aesthetic Guidelines mg/L Finished Spring Water Levelmg/L
Calcium - 44.6
Magnesium - 18.6
Potassium - 1.3
PH (as unit) 5.0 - 8.5 7.76
Sodium (10ppm is sodium free) - 3.1
Chloride 250 1.2
Fluoride 1.00.1
Lead, Aluminum, Iron, Zinc, Mercury 0.001-5.0 Not Detected
Sulphate 250 15.3
Total Dissolved Solids 500 204

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