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Delivery Schedule & Area

Delivery Schedule

Please click on the Day Number to view a large version of the Calendar.

Your delivery day is located on your Cedar Springs invoice or onthe top right corner of your delivery calendar

If you need help finding your delivery day please call: 1-800-95-CEDAR (23327)

For a dowloadable image of your delivery days click the links below

Client services will call you every two weeks to remind you of upcoming deliveries and to answer your questions or concerns. Our delivery schedule operates on a 10 business day cycle. It is important to note that after each statutory holiday, your following scheduled delivery date will be one day later in the week. Deliveries are normally made between the hours of 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. There is no obligation to order water on each delivery date however, when placing an order the minimum delivery is 3 bottles.

By offering water delivery every 10 business days and calling two days prior to each scheduled delivery date, we provide you with a constant water supply. We also offer automatic delivery upon your request, or you may choose to simply call in when you require a delivery.

Delivery Area

The darker green portion designates delivery area. Please call for outlying areas. Prices may vary based on delivery area.