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The Most Delicious Water: Mineral, Tap or Spring?
Everyone knows that drinking water is imperative for good health, but for people to be interested in it means it needs to taste good and be free of contaminants. While it may seem odd to talk about the taste of something that many people think of as “tasting like just water”, the truth is that the combination of minerals, any added chemicals and other particles in water add a great deal to its flavour. Therefore, if the goal is to get more people to drink, it’s important to offer up the most delicious option to encourage more hydration. The most commonly chosen drinking waters include spring, mineral and tap, and when choosing which is best to drink the flavour of each can be a big factor.

Cold, Tepid, Warm or Hot: The Best Temperature for Drinking Water

There is no set water temperature that is best for drinking all the time. Bodies can benefit from different temperatures depending on what they’re going through at any given moment—physical activity, illness, dietary changes and more...

10 Ways to Reduce Waste in the Workplace

Reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind on our planet is a goal of many businesses and individuals. One of the ways is to lower waste in the workplace so as to be part of the solution for a better world rather than the problem. There are some simple ways to make a difference at work that will save incredible resources over time...

Explaining Reverse Osmosis Filtration and its Benefits

Many have heard about them, but not everyone knows just what they do. Reverse osmosis filtration provides some unique benefits to water that initially may not have been palatable or healthy to drink. But what, exactly, does it do?

Hose or Spring Water: The Healthiest Choice for Your Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables at home means fresh produce can be trusted not to have the pesticides and contaminates that may be found in those bought from the store. It also offers some relaxing time in the garden. However, after going through all that trouble to create a food source that is fresh and healthy, using an outdoor hose to hydrate them with unfiltered tap water seems contrary to supporting optimum well-being...