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Which Water is Best for You? Spring, Mineral, or Distilled?

Water is life. The human body is comprised of 65% water and it cannot survive without it for any great length of time. It needs to be imbibed several times a day in order to stay healthy. While the body can go 3 weeks without food, it cannot go more than 3 days without water...

Dispelling 5 Common Myths About Water

The human body needs water to function and survive. However, the consumption of that clear, life-giving liquid comes with some common misconceptions that are worth dispelling. Here are five beliefs that have a bit more to them than meets the eye.

The Most Delicious Water: Mineral, Tap or Spring?
Everyone knows that drinking water is imperative for good health, but for people to be interested in it means it needs to taste good and be free of contaminants. While it may seem odd to talk about the taste of something that many people think of as “tasting like just water”, the truth is that the combination of minerals, any added chemicals and other particles in water add a great deal to its flavour. Therefore, if the goal is to get more people to drink, it’s important to offer up the most delicious option to encourage more hydration. The most commonly chosen drinking waters include spring, mineral and tap, and when choosing which is best to drink the flavour of each can be a big factor.

Hydrate to Lose Weight – The Link Between Water and The Body

Water has long been considered an excellent way to cut down on empty calories down and stay feeling full. It replenishes fluids after workouts and helps naturally detox the body. There are some great ways to use water to go down to, and maintain, a healthy weight...