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How to Stay Active When You’re Busy

It’s not always easy to preserve a consistent exercise routine. We work on our “reasons I’m not active” list, more than we work out our bodies. We’re either too tired or too busy, but most days it’s honestly both. Does this sound familiar? If you need some direction for finding a reliable exercise routine, here are five tips for keeping active when you’re busy.

1) Take the stairs

This might sound like more effort than it’s worth, but only if you go beyond what’s manageable for you. When you’re able, skip that elevator/escalator ride and power through a good fifteen seconds on a staircase. Some areas you can do this include malls, small office buildings, and especially public transportation stations. If you want to take the extra “step”, try taking the stairs two at a time. This gets the job done faster, and increases leg strength!

2) Stand up

Sitting has received a bad reputation lately, and the concern is certainly justified.

All-day sitting has been linked to multiple physical ailments, slower metabolism, and eye strain (for those in front of computers). If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to be more active, then stand up and stretch! You can do this throughout the day at the office, or at home during commercial breaks while you’re watching TV. If you also want to avoid eye strain when staring at your screen, follow the 20-20-20 rule. Whenever you stand up, focus on something twenty feet away, for a duration of twenty seconds.

3) Start small

Small moments of physical activity can make a big difference in your body’s health and stamina. If you can, set aside even 10-15 minutes a day to walk outside or on a treadmill. This can be done on your lunch break, too. In the winter months, replace your walks by shovelling the driveway (if you have one), or going skating at a local rink on weekends. Something else you can do is exercise while watching TV. Remember those commercials? Squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and many more in-home exercises are perfect for passing the time.

4) Find the right motivation

Your goal with physical activity should be finding what works for you. If you’re too busy to maintain a vigorous routine, then choose shorter, suitable activities that at least get you up, and get you moving. Also, make sure you’re doing what you love. If you’re going to be spending part of your recreational time to exercise, you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Enjoying an active lifestyle can look like buying yourself a nice pair of sneakers, chasing walking milestones on your step counter, playing team sports, following a dance tutorial, or rewarding yourself with a coffee. If you reach slumps where you no longer feel like keeping active, it means you need a new motivation.

5) Prioritize other healthy routines

If you want the best chance at maintaining a balanced active lifestyle, you need to stay rested, nourished, and hydrated. Whenever we are lacking in sleep, healthy food, or water, our brains feel foggy and our bodies feel tired. If this is your usual circumstance, it can be very difficult to find the willpower to exercise. Make sure you’re turning out the light at a time that will give you eight hours of sleep, pack healthy snacks to nibble throughout the day, and drink plenty of spring water.

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