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Fridge or Faucet? The Best Quality Water Filtration System

Choosing the right water filter can be a daunting task. There are so many options: fridge dispensers, pitchers, under the sink filters, whole house systems, and more. How can you know which water filtration system will actually purify your water and help you live a healthier life?

Refillable pitchers are easy and affordable, but they are not always the best choice. Most use activated carbon, and can only absorb certain contaminants. Plus these filters tend to clog quickly and are frequently replaced. They can also crack and allow water to pass through easily, without really filtering at all. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that many consumers decide to forgo standard pitchers and opt for either refrigerator or sink filters.

Between the fridge and faucet, which filtration system is better for you? Let’s settle this “filter feud” once and for all.

Yes, You Need A Water Filtration System

Even if your tap water looks clear, meets public health standards, and you enjoy the taste, there are still many uncertainties when it comes to the water pouring from your tap.

According to the WQA and EPA, there are over 80 common waterborne contaminants that could be in your drinking water. These include: aluminum, arsenic, chlorine, copper, bacteria, lead, and uranium. All of these substances can cause chronic health problems.

Those who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher chance of developing cancer, as opposed to those who don’t drink it. Trihalomethanes (THM’s) have been linked to cancer as well. These are compounds that form in drinking water through chlorination. Health Canada’s Water Quality Guideline says that studies have suggested a link between THM’s and reproductive effects. If you or someone you love has a compromised immunity, it is recommended that your daily water supply come from a water filtration system or a natural spring.

The water you drink should help your body, not harm it. Prioritizing your well-being means choosing a filter that guarantees you’ll be drinking clean, healthy water, and that your purification needs will be met.

Refrigerator Filters Are Not As Reliable As You Thought

Most refrigerators use carbon filters, just like water pitchers. These are great for filtering chlorine, but they let other potential toxins, bacteria, and heavy metals pass through. If you’re worried about contaminants besides chlorine, your fridge filter probably can’t help you.

DavidSuzuki.org says that water filtration systems “reduce concentrations rather than removing 100 percent of the contaminant.” There is no “perfect” filter that can do it all. You’ll have to know which harmful contaminants you want reduced in your drinking water. Then find a filter that meets your needs.

When purchasing a refrigerator with a built-in dispenser, research how the filter will treat your water, and when it shouldbe replaced. The lifespan of a filter depends on how often it is used, but the average time between replacements is about six months.

With the urban development in the Greater Toronto Area, many residents live in condos and apartments. If you live in a small space, it may be hard to find a fridge that fits in your kitchen and has a water dispenser. According to Whirlpool, some small refrigerators are the same height as regular ones, but only 24” wide. The size reduction means that dispensers aren’t included, but some may have internal ice options.

You also might find that some refrigerators do not meet specific certification standards. When considering any type of water filtration system, make sure the National Sanitation Foundation has certified the media. This will ensure you have the highest quality filter.

Another downside to fridge filtration is that it can’t help you with cooking. As much as you need to drink clean water, you should wash your fruits and vegetables and cook with it as well. You can’t fill a big pot using your fridge dispenser. Well, you could, but it would take a while.

Refrigerators can fill up your glass, but can they effectively filter your water? The majority of these appliances don’t have the filtration media you need to protect against unwanted contaminants. Fortunately, other drinking water filtration systems are available with better filter technology.

The Best Home Water Filtration Is Right Under Your Nose (or Sink)

Unlike standard refrigerators, under the sink and whole house filters are designed for advanced filtration needs. Plus, these systems are just as convenient as fridge dispensers. Turn on your tap and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking, cooking, or washing dishes. Your water will be pure, refreshing, and even make your dishes cleaner!

To pick the best water filtration system, you have to know which contaminants you want to target. If you’re concerned about chemicals and toxins in your drinking water, a reverse osmosis filter from Cedar Springs Stream Filtration will help. These under the sink systems can filter a variety of substances from water, including:



PCB’s (toxic industrial chemicals)





Arsenic III


Bacteria and Pesticides

Dirt, Rust, and Iron

Other volatile chemicals

For most filters, replacement frequency depends on the quantity and quality of the water. Much like how we need to service our cars on a regular basis, water filters are the same. A misused filter can negatively affect any water filtration system.

With Stream Filtration’s reverse osmosis systems, the average filter lifespan is one year. However, replacements don’t need to be complicated. Our Pro Gro 400 RO System uses easy to change filters. Just twist in and twist out.

It is true that reverse osmosis systems will produce “waste water.” This describes water that goes down the drain during purification, just like when we shower or run the washing machine. Stream Filtration filters are efficient when it comes to product and waste production. Our Pro Gro 400 RO System has a 1:1 ratio, meaning it will only waste one gallon of water for every gallon filtered.

Maybe you’re intrigued by the many benefits of under the sink filters, but still prefer to use your fridge dispenser. In that case, it is possible for you to have the best of both worlds!

All Stream Filtration reverse osmosis systems can connect to refrigerators for chilled water and ice making. Did you know that reverse osmosis water makes great ice cubes?

Protect Your Home With A Whole House Water Filtration System

Lead and heavy metals are other toxins that many households and families want to protect themselves against. Even low levels of lead can be detrimental, potentially decreasing organ function and delaying child development.

Look for a filter that specifically filters out lead, along with other metals and chemicals.

A point-of-entry whole house filter is a smart choice to consider. This type of filter needs little maintenance, and once set, can be left to self clean on its own. Not only will a whole house filter cleanse your drinking water, but also provide you with better shower, bath, and laundry water too.

In addition to premium lead-free faucets, Stream Filtration offers a whole home lead and heavy metal filter. This water filtration system removes lead and heavy metals, along with VOC's, THM’s and chlorine-related chemicals. With this filter, you can expect to feel better and enjoy healthier skin and hair.

Spring Water Is a Fresh, Natural Alternative

As mentioned above, there is no “perfect” filter that can do it all. If your top priority is to have the purest water possible, consider switching to spring water.

Cedar Springs spring water is the purest water you can drink. Along with the amazing refreshing taste, our water is free of pollutants, naturally filtered, and bottled fresh! Plus with our great lineup of water coolers, you choose the dispenser that suits you best.

“Tap” Into A Water Filtration System

It is time for great tasting, clean water to start flowing from your faucet. When you install a Stream Filtration water system, you can expect to feel confident about your filter and taste the difference in your water.

All Stream Filtration systems are built right here in Canada and will use Canadian made materials when available. Many designs are simple to install and easy to maintain!

Call 1-800-95-CEDAR today and speak with an expert about installing a water filtration system in your home.

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