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The Best Times to Drink Spring Water

It is no surprise that drinking spring water regularly is extremely beneficial for your health, but did you know there is a way to drink water strategically? By drinking water at the right times, you can give your body exactly what it needs in specific moments throughout your day. Here are some of the best times of day to drink water. All you will need is a glass or a reusable water bottle, and some delicious spring water to get started.

After Waking Up

One of the most important times to drink spring water is right after you wake up. After sleeping all night, you likely haven’t had any water in approximately eight hours. That is one third of your entire day. That’s a long time!

It is evident that the body detoxes during the night, because one of the first things we do upon waking is go to the bathroom. Urine is usually more concentrated in the mornings, a sign of dehydration and built-up toxins being flushed out. After a long sleep, your body needs replenishing as soon as possible.

Drinking spring water after waking up will help to activate your internal organs, including your brain. It is a widespread myth that only coffee can wake you up in the morning. A glass of spring water is exactly what you need to feel awake and clear-headed. After all, your brain is 73% water!

Sip Tip: Fill your reusable water bottle with Cedar Springs spring water and keep it on your bedside table. Then you’ll have water nearby incase you’re thirsty during the night, and you will wake up to pure, refreshing water. Start your day off right!

Before Breakfast and Other Meals

To improve your digestion and increase your metabolism, it is recommended that you drink water 30 minutes before eating. This will help you feel fuller faster, which can prevent overeating and control portion sizes. You can improve your metabolism and manage your weight effectively by drinking spring water prior to eating a large meal.

For those who have a tendency to snack throughout the day, try drinking a glass of spring water before reaching for a snack. Cedar Springs water tastes exceptional, and will help to fill your stomach and curb your cravings.

It is important to drink spring water before your meal and not while you eat. Filling your stomach with water in-between bites has the potential to create acid reflux. The extra water will push food and fluid up toward your sphincter above your stomach, which needs to close properly to prevent regurgitation.

When Tired or Sluggish

A lack of sleep is not the only cause of decreased energy levels. Fatigue is also a direct symptom of dehydration. When you don’t drink enough water, your body will feel drained and your mind will feel tired. To stay energized and have a sharp mind during the day, spring water is a necessity.

Anytime you feel the pull to take a nap, or you’re struggling with mental clarity, drink some spring water. This will help you refocus and revitalize your body for the rest of the day!

Before and After Working Out

Just like with your meals, you should drink spring water approximately 30 minutes before exercising. You can’t gulp down a glass of water right before a workout and hope it will be enough to hydrate you. Your body needs time to absorb the water and get it to the right places, plus it can be uncomfortable to exert yourself with a stomach full of water.

If you prefer to exercise in the early mornings, drink plenty of spring water right when you wake up, and replenish with lots of water once you’ve finished your workout. The body loses water and electrolytes through respiration and sweat. To prevent illness or serious dehydration, pay attention to your thirst after a workout. Drink intuitively, at least until your thirst is quenched and your body cools down.

Before Bed

Drinking water before bed doesn’t have to result in interrupted sleep and a midnight bathroom break. Drink a glass of spring water an hour before bed, and you’ll be able to hydrate yourself for the night ahead and use the bathroom before sleeping.

Drinking spring water before bed is known to benefit circulation and heart health. If you’ve ever woken up with a numb arm, you know that your sleeping positions can affect blood flow. In the same way, dehydration also impedes circulation. Hydrating before bedtime can prevent cramps and numbness while you sleep, and is a suggested mood booster as well.

Water also enhances your heart health drastically. Theheartfoundation.org says that, “Dehydration can negatively affect your organs and bodily functions, including your heart and cardiovascular system. When you are dehydrated your blood volume decreases. To compensate, your heart beats faster, increasing your heart rate and your blood pressure.”

Improve your health by strategically drinking spring water throughout your day. For the purest, best tasting spring water in Ontario, drink Cedar Springs. Our water is all-natural and comes fresh from a spring in Oro-Medonte, Canada. We’re proud to offer spring water that so many Canadians love.

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