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How Drinking Water Keeps The Mind Sharp

The body is made up of approximately 50-65% water. It’s important to maintain that ratio in order to stay healthy and function properly. Dehydration can happen fast and create issues physically and mentally.

The importance of staying hydrated for the mind cannot be overlooked. Studies have shown that staying hydrated in the workplace is as important for employees as it is for marathon runners who are competing. Marathon runners can lose up to 8% of their body weight in water when they are actively racing. Imagine how much losing 8% of our brain function due to lack of hydration can affect our ability to do our jobs and operate in our daily lives.

Altered moods, headaches, and fatigue

The signs of dehydration are not just feeling thirsty. Actually, thirst is an indication that

dehydration is imminent, not already affecting our body. Some of the most obvious symptoms of lack of water are moodiness, headaches, and tiredness. There is light-headedness as well, which makes it very hard to focus and stay engaged. If water can be consumed within 30 minutes of the symptoms’ onset, then they will go away and the body and mind will rebound. Staying hydrated consistently throughout the day can alleviate any of those problems before they even happen. Drinking a litre of water a day will even reduce headaches and ensure a sharper mind.

Small in scope, but large in effect

Mild dehydration occurs when as little as 1.5% of the body’s normal water volume is lost. So it’s important that water is ingested regularly. This seemingly small amount can interfere with a

person’s mental state, which can cause problems down the line. People can become anxious and tense, and someone who is dehydrated can have difficulty performing tasks that require them to focus, think, and problem-solve. Once that starts, it can become exacerbated to the point that just drinking a quick glass of water may not be enough to reverse the effects.

Keep water close

The best way to alleviate this problem in the work place (and also at home) is to install a water cooler for easy and constant access to spring water, at the right temperature, any time it is

needed. Coolers are convenient and compact, and with the bottles being delivered right to your doorstep, easy to keep stocked.

However, if a cooler is not feasible due to space or volume, then putting in a good filtration system onto the existing tap is a great alternative and ensures healthy drinking water is readily available. Drinking water is important, yes, but what kind of water is also vital. If someone drinks tap water that may have trace contaminants in it, they can actually be hurt rather than helped. Something like a reverse osmosis filter will clean the water up and create a safe way to replenish the body’s systems. Whatever healthy water choice is made, the ability to stay hydrated will promote continued productivity at work and even at home, making hydration a worthwhile investment.