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The Most Delicious Water: Mineral, Tap or Spring?

Everyone knows that drinking water is imperative for good health, but for people to be interested in it means it needs to taste good and be free of contaminants. While it may seem odd to talk about the taste of something that many people think of as “tasting like just water”, the truth is that the combination of minerals, any added chemicals and other particles in water add a great deal to its flavour. Therefore, if the goal is to get more people to drink, it’s important to offer up the most delicious option to encourage more hydration. The most commonly chosen drinking waters include spring, mineral and tap, and when choosing which is best to drink the flavour of each can be a big factor.

Consider the source

Water’s flavour comes from 3 places—its source, the way it’s treated and in what material it’s bottled. There are some basic things to think about when looking at any of the sources and making a decision as to which water to consume.

Spring water wins, hands down

It probably comes as no surprise that spring water generally has a fresher taste than any other water. It contains four main minerals— magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. These and other natural contents give it a distinct flavour that reflects the area from which it originates.

Spring water does not require excessive filtration or added chemicals to purify it. Additives to increase its mineral content are usually also not required, because it already contains all that anyone would need for a healthy and flavourful experience.

Cedar Springs’ spring water is 100% Certified Canadian Spring Water from an environmentally protected site in Oro-Medonte, just North of Horseshoe Valley, Ontario. The water is bottled directly from the source and delivered to the consumer within just a few days.

Mineral water’s taste issue

Mineral water is natural water that is particularly high in minerals. Some people may find it has it a lingering aftertaste. It may also taste salty or earthy, depending on the source and the combination of minerals.

The tap water conundrum: filtered or straight?

Tap water can contain contaminants or additives, such as fluoride or chlorine, which negatively impact its taste and detract from its healthful benefits. That is water that is straight from the faucet, of course, Filters can help to improve the flavour and in the quest for good hydration, filtered water is better than no water at all. However, for many, tap water is lower on their list of water choces.