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​Fantastic Children’s Books about Water

There’s many ways you can teach your kids about water, but how many of these methods actually excite them? A great way to educate your kids about water while engaging them, is by reading.

Lots of non-fiction children’s books tell stories about real life experiences, to help young readers learn about their world in a way that is positive, safe, and inviting. These books are often beautifully illustrated (taking inspiration from nature), and they encourage curiosity in children’s minds.

Here are 7 terrific books you can read with your children to teach them about water, and encourage them to drink more!

At the Waterworks- Magic School Bus #1 (Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen)

You’ve probably heard of The Magic School Bus before. It’s a well-known children’s series that teaches around different scientific questions. In “At the Waterworks”, Ms. Frizzle takes her class to the waterworks in town, shrinks everyone down to a tiny size, and together they go inside the purification system to see how water is cleaned. This book is an in-depth way to show your kids how water runs through their city, and how tap water is purified.

The Great Big Water Cycle Adventure (Kay Barnham, Maddie Frost).

This book tells of the adventure that water takes through our ecosystem and atmosphere. You and your kids can follow water as it falls as rain, becomes a river, evaporates, then reunites in a cloud. This story gives great facts about nature and offers notes to parents so they can go further with child-based learning.

Precious Water, a Book of Thanks (Brigitte Weninger, Anne Möller)

With easy wording and fun illustrations, “Precious Water” tells a story about a young girl who celebrates water. She expresses her thankfulness for the source from which water comes, and for water’s role in our lives. This book will show your children the wonder of water, and why we should be grateful for it.

The Water Hole (Graeme Base)

“The Water Hole” is not only a story, but also a puzzle, art, and counting book.While reading this with your child, you will travel through Africa, the Amazon, North America, and Australia, learning about the relationship between nature, animals, and water. This story offers lots of entertaining activities, and will definitely engage your little one.

Why Should I Save Water? (Jen Green, Mike Gordon)

In this story, both boys and girls talk about conserving water. They consider all the ways they’ve been potentially wasting water, and answer questions about water that young children are known to have. This book puts an emphasis on caring for nature and preserving the environment. It also comes with information for parents, to help you teach the book’s message to your child.

The Drop In My Drink: The Story Of Water On Our Planet (Meredith Hooper)

With wonderful colours and illustrations, this book takes children back to the past to see how water came to be. The story also discusses the value of water, and shows your child why drinking is so important.

Water (Scott C. Johnson)

“Water” is an excellent book for toddlers. In a fun, simple, and enchanting way, this book teaches young children why its important to drink water. It walks your toddler through the steps of preparing a nice cold drink, and makes the process fun. There’s also a read-along video you can access online for free. This book is great for encouraging your young one to drink more water!

After reading these books, your child will know more about water, and be more motivated to drink it. Make sure you’re giving your child water that tastes good, and is good for them. They won’t want to drink water that tastes bad, and any unfiltered water they drink has potential chemicals and toxins which can harm their young, growing minds.

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