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Hose or Spring Water: The Healthiest Choice for Your Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables at home means fresh produce can be trusted not to have the pesticides and contaminates that may be found in those bought from the store. It also offers some relaxing time in the garden. However, after going through all that trouble to create a food source that is fresh and healthy, using an outdoor hose to hydrate them with unfiltered tap water seems contrary to supporting optimum well-being. Here are some things to consider when watering:

Dangers of tap water

That hose outside is carrying municipal water that contains its fair share of contaminates and pollutants. Two of the most concerning ones for edible gardens are chlorine and fluoride, which are very detrimental to plants and can seep into the actual produce making it unhealthy to consume.

Also, there is usually a moderate sodium amount of about 200mg per litre with tap water. The recommended daily allowance of sodium for Canadians is 2000mg per day, so while this will most likely not cause any permanent damage, it is 10% of what is considered healthy. That is a concerning quantity when the suggested amount to be drunk everyday is 3 litres for men (600mg sodium) and 2.2 litres for women (440mg sodium).

Home water treatment

Currently, there are no filters available for outdoor water hoses so the water can’t be cleaned as it’s dispensed. Here’s a quick way to eliminate the chlorine and fluoride in the water: fill a container with hose water and leave it in a safe place for 24-48 hours. The chlorine and fluoride will have evaporated leaving only trace elements of it that are not harmful. That water can now be used to water the edible plants without worries.

Healthy alternative

In truth, the best alternative for watering edible plants is spring water. The nutrients in the water are just as good for the vegetables in the garden as they are for the human bodies. If the homeowner works with a water service to get spring water delivered, they can fill a portable spray system and use that to hydrate the plants.

Watch them thrive

Spring water is oxygen-heavy, which plants need, and it will help them thrive even more than regular tap water, even if it’s filtered.Also, the minerals that are naturally in spring water give vegetables an added boost so they get stronger. Not as many additives may need to be put in the soil for them to feed from.


In order to create a good, strong vegetable garden, consideration must be given to the quality of the plants, the sustenance they will be provided, and how to get them tasting as good as possible. Spring water is really the best choice to keep those plants hydrated and properly fed. Its lack of contaminates and added natural nutrients and minerals make it a powerful ally.