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Enhance Your Life with Spring Water

Drinking water has always been high on the list of healthy choices for the body. Spring water, however, does even more. It provides minerals and nutrients to help one stay fit and feeling good. Water’s power trumps even solid food. After all, a person can live 21 days without food, but only 3 days without water. While most people know the general daily benefits of water—it hydrates, it regulates body temperature—here are a few things some may not know about what water does for your body and mind:

1. Helps maintain a healthy body weight

Spring water makes the body feel full without adding empty calories. It’s also cleansing and delivers much-needed nutrients to cells.

2. Naturally detoxifies the body

Drinking even a little water through the day flushes your system. It goes right through the body and will take with it a variety of toxins upon elimination.

3. Instrumental in oxygenating the body

Oxygen is for more than just breathing. It is an instrumental part of every metabolic process in your body. Red blood cells carry much needed oxygen throughout your body, which then is diffused into your tissues. A well-hydrated body gets your blood flowing more smoothly and easily, helping that oxygen rich substance keep your body working properly, ridding any waste, and fighting decay.

4. Can help in the battle against addiction

When someone is going through withdrawal from a controlled substance, fluids are being released from their body through vomit, sweat, and urine. Dehydration can set in quickly because of it, which makes it vital to replenish those fluids constantly.

Water is also an excellent way for flushing out the toxins that have accumulated in the body from the drugs or alcohol. Keeping it close at hand during the rehabilitation process and maintaining good hydration afterwards will help that person to a healthier next phase of their life.

5. Keeps the blood thin and flowing well

Drinking water is a great way to battle heart disease and high blood pressure. Keeping your blood moving well through your body, up to your brain and all around, means you stay alert, keep healthy, and your heart pumps as it should without overworking.

6. Neutralizes the acidity in the body

Spring water, in particular, contains certain minerals that are beneficial for all living things. One of those is alkaline that is instrumental in neutralizing acidity in the body. Excess acid can put stress on teeth, muscles, joints and various other areas, organs, and systems. By drinking more spring water, it strengthens the areas acid stresses and can even reduce free radical damage.


This clear liquid packs quite a punch. Just a 2% drop in water in the body causes mental and physical impairment, so it is important that your water levels are being maintained at all times. Drinking spring water will keep the body operating properly because of the incredible benefits this live liquid provides. What Cedar Springs offers can ensure a healthy lifestyle for years to come.