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Hydrate to Lose Weight – The Link Between Water and The Body

Water has long been considered an excellent way to cut down on empty calories and stay feeling full. It replenishes fluids after workouts and helps to naturally detox the body. There are some great ways to use water to achieve, and maintain, a healthy weight. Its a consumable that is not only calorie-free, but will help eliminate the natural inhibitors inside the body that may be hindering weight loss and preventing you from moving forward with a healthy diet.

Drink instead of snack.

Some of the barriers to losing weight are nervous eating, and ingesting what are known as empty calories. Don’t give in to impromptu snacking! Instead, eat small, regular meals throughout the day. This will boost your metabolism and encourage the burning of fat and calories.

A desire to snack between meals becomes more prevalent when someone is eating less than their body needs. When that occurs, it is suggested to drink a glass of water, most preferably spring water bottled from the source. There are minerals in spring water that will be even more beneficial than regular purified water or that from a tap. It will help give a feeling of fullness and kill the urge to snack.

Curb soda cravings.

Sodas and sugary drinks have a huge appeal as thirst quenchers. These high calorie beverages alone account for nearly 21% of an Americans daily calorie intake and are another enemy to weight loss that is contributing to high obesity rates. By drinking water, individuals are less likely to reach for these fattening drinks and will even be able to flush out some of the bodily toxins that can hinder healthy weight management.

Use water to burn calories.

Interestingly enough, water burns calories simply by being absorbed. There have been studies which show that calorie burning increases by 24-30% within 10 minutes of drinking water. This is without any additional exercise, fitness regimen, or change in diet; the calories you would normally burn are increased due to drinking water. Additionally, if an under-hydrated person were to drink an extra litre of water a day, they would burn approximately 17,000 additional calories a year, the equivalent of 5 pounds of fat!

Again, that is just from drinking water.

Drink the right water.

Water has definitely proven to be a great aid for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight; however, there are even greater health benefits when people drink the right water. Spring water that is bottled at the source offers even greater nutritional value than tap water and has fewer contaminants. The award-winning water that Cedar Springs offers is exactly what is needed to enhance a diet regimen. The different options available are refreshing and make it easier to keep to a healthy diet and lose weight