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How to Get the Best Customer Service from Vendors

A company’s product is important, but how they deal with their customers truly shows who they are. 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how the customer feels they’re being treated. It’s important to make sure that those being serviced enjoy dealing with the company providing a service to them. Receiving great customer service is key to wanting to continue using someone as a supplier. Here are 5 ways consumers can know they are getting the most genuine and memorable experience from their vendor.

1.Personable and approachable

People can hear a smile through the phone or intuit warmth and approachability in the copy on a web page. This isn’t something that can be written up in a business plan and taught. It’s inherent and true. When there is an honest pleasure to be serving, it comes through a vendor’s demeanour and voice. This makes clients feel cared about and they look forward to more interaction. It also prompts positive word of mouth and that not only means more business for the supplier, but a desire to reward the customer who brought them the extra attention with even more personal attention.

2. Accessibility and reliability

When a vendor takes the time to speak with the client, walk them through the services offered, and responds quickly to any need or issue, it helps build trust. This establishes a long-term and equitable relationship. That accessibility will give a client the sense that they can go to the vendor whenever they need help with any questions, concerns, or comments. The client can trust that they will be heard, validated, and their issues will be acted upon.

3. Professional expertise

A client should always feel that the company with whom they are doing business is an expert in their field. There should be information the company readily shares about their background, a place where customers can find viable reference, and even write-ups by others in the same field that support their level of knowledge about their product and the category in which they are conducting business. Their expertise should exude in the way they present themselves and in the knowledge of their products. This is what makes them unique. They stand behind their product and services with confidence and are able to discuss and demonstrate the extent of their entire inventory without any hesitation.

4. Variety and quality

If there is a good array of products from which clients can choose, it shows that the company has thought about their convenience and diversity. Within that variety is an attention to detail and focus on quality that can easily be researched. There will be information on the product or service the vendor can share that clearly shows how something is made or, as with the spring water sold by Cedar Springs, where it is collected. A company’s desire and willingness to prove their quality claims or production practices establishes the level of care and excellence that sets their goods and services apart.

5. Genuine

A vendor’s customer service has to be more than just a catchphrase. Clients need to feel it is so inherently a part of the fabric of what the company represents, that visitors to their site, customers who are purchasing, and those hearing about the company will be able to immediately see that the business values their shoppers. They will combine the qualities of all five of the tenets of customer service into a seamless way of dealing so that customers will feel they are the priority without it ever feeling forced.


Cedar Springs epitomizes all five areas mentioned above with their exceptional attention to detail, on-time delivery, courteous and expertly trained staff, award winning products, and consideration for everyone who engages with them. They care just as much about their customers as they do about providing the best quality spring water in Canada. Cedar Springs shows what great customer service truly is.