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How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

Drinking water can be a challenge sometimes. You’re either too distracted, or you have places to be. If that’s the reality for you, how much truer is it for your kids? Your children’s health is your number one priority. You want to start them with the right habits early, (and make it interesting!) so they can automatically choose healthy living when they’re older. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your kids EXCITED about healthy habits?

Here are seven ways you can get your child to drink more water, while making it worth their while.

1) Practice what you preach

It’s not fair to tell someone to do something, if you’re not willing to do it either. Not only do your kids notice the things you say and do, but they remember them later in life. If you want your children to drink water now, AND when they’re older, the best thing to do is drink water yourself. This way, you can all be healthy and hydrated together, and you can be confident that you’re setting the best example for your kids.

2) Explain why water is important

Your kids are smart, right? Of course they are, they’re yours. If they’re old enough to have a full conversation and reason with your instructions, they can definitely understand why you want them to drink water. It’s good to treat your child like a grown-up sometimes. If you just tell them to drink lots of water, they’ll be obeying the right rules, but not creating the right habits.

Explaining the importance of water will let your child learn more about themselves, their bodies, and the earth. All while living healthy!

3) Get them moving.

Kids usually only drink when they’re thirsty. A good way to make them WANT to drink is to make sure they’re active. If your kids are already active, or play some kind of sport, make sure you supply them with lots of water to drink. If your kids aren’t that active, partner alongside them. Take them to the park, or go for some quality-time walks as a family. Make sure you bring water along! It’s so much easier to drink when you’re active.

4) Get crazy

Crazy straws are still cool. Especially if you’re a kid… or a kid at heart. You can encourage your child to drink more water by making it fun! Buy them a pack of crazy straws, or go to the dollar store and let them choose a plastic cup. There are lots of fun patterns to choose from including theme-items like superheroes or cartoons. The same can go for back-to-school season. Let them choose the bottle they want, and let them (or help them) fill it up themselves. It’s their cup/bottle, and they should feel excited about drinking from it.

5) Chill out

Is it just me, or does ice make water more delicious? If your kid likes having ice in their drink, make the experience as “fulfilling” as possible. Fill up the ice tray with them, and show them how to pop out the cubes once they’re frozen. You can even take this one step further by buying ice moulds that come in different shapes! Does your child like duckies or dinosaurs? Buy lots of different trays, and change it up.

6) ‘Stick’ to it

This point is a ‘two-in-one’. Yes, by all means, stick to it! It can take a while to transition children (and ourselves) into new habits. Success happens when you keep trying.

Now, if you want to make the trying a little easier, then consider getting lots of stickers. You can either give your child a sticker for every cup of water they drink, or give them a chart to check off cups as they drink them. When they finish the chart, they get a sticker. Kids LOVE collecting things and you can get as creative as you want with this exercise.

7) Make it taste good

Who wants to drink water that tastes bad? No one. If your kids like the taste of your water, they’ll be much more encouraged to drink it consistently. Try clean, natural water instead of using the tap. Not only does spring water taste great, but it’s great for you!

Cedar Springs Spring Water is known for its great taste. Have your kids try it, and see how much more water they will drink.

It is exciting to teach your children about healthy living. You have the awesome power and potential to make these new habits fun and tasty!