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How to Encourage Your Child to Drink Water at School

This summer has been amazing, and no, it’s not over yet, but we have officially entered ‘back to school’ season. Tons of parents are about to try to complete a seemingly endless list of school supplies. Maybe you’re one of those moms or dads, but it’s not just a heavy shopping list that’s approaching. You’re only a few weeks away from packing school lunches once again, and trying to get your kids to eat everything you send their way. But it’s not just food you should be focused on.

Young children need to drink approximately 1 litre of water per day. Do you know how much water your child typically drinks during a school day? If you don’t, then your child’s water intake at school is definitely something you should be monitoring, and always trying to improve.

Here are 5 ways you can encourage your child to drink more water during the school day.

1)Make sure they LOVE their re-usable water bottle

Re-usable water bottles come in all kinds of colours and patterns. Some are made as merchandise from tv or movies, so if your child loves a specific cartoon or superhero, this is a no-brainer. Your child will be much more motivated to drink, if they like (or love) the bottle they’re drinking from. If you can, make sure their bottle is stainless steel or aluminum.

2) Make their bottle accessible

If you tend to put your child’s bottle or thermos in their lunch bag, this could be detrimental to their hydration. Teachers only allow lunch bags to come out during snack or lunch breaks. If your child forgets to take out their bottle, they will likely only drink during breaks. A better solution is to get your child a backpack with a water bottle pocket on the exterior of the bag. This way, the bottle will be visible. It will serve as a reminder to drink, and also be easy to reach. In addition, make sure you’re verbally reminding your child to drink throughout their day.

3) Find out their water preference

Does your child like their water iced, cold, or at room temperature? If you send them to school with the water they prefer, they’re more likely to drink, especially in the mornings if they want their water cold. Talk to them and find out what they like. This might also spark a better discussion about water, and the importance of drinking it.

4) Talk to their teacher

Ask your child’s teacher how often they tend to allow trips to the bathroom or water fountain. If their teacher isn’t flexible with bathroom breaks, your child may not want to drink as much water. If you feel like your child needs lots of reminders to hydrate, ask their teacher to keep an eye on their drinking habits and encourage them from time to time.

5) Give them water they LOVE

You can give your child the best water bottle around, fill it with lots of ice, and remind them to stay hydrated. But if your child doesn’t like what they’re drinking, those initiatives will be ineffective. Be sure that you’re giving your child water that tastes good. Not only does Cedar Springs premium spring water have an amazing taste, but it’s also naturally filtered and pure. It is the healthiest option for your child, and the taste alone is sure to make them want to drink more this school year.