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How To Avoid Dehydration This Summer

This year it feels like we skipped over spring and went straight into summer! With the temperatures rising and heat waves running strong, its time to focus on how we can beat the heat and avoid dehydration this summer.

Enhancing your hydration does not just mean “drinking more water.” It starts with being able to identify early dehydration symptoms, so you can replenish your body accordingly.

Symptoms of dehydrations include:



-Dry skin


-Brain fog


Know What You Need

If you want to keep these symptoms away, your best option is prevention. Keeping your body well-balanced with water means you must drink the daily amount that your body needs. To figure this out, take half of your body weight (in lbs). This is the number of ounces you should drink daily. For reference, 8 glasses of water is just 64 ounces.

Replenish What You Lose

When caught in the sweltering heat, its not long before we start to sweat. If you’re going to be spending time outside, be conscious of how much you’re sweating and drink one or two additional glasses of water.

Summer months are also often enjoyed alongside cold alcoholic beverages and iced coffees. These drinks can deplete your body of liquid and electrolytes quickly, so make sure you’re drinking extra water to make up for it.

Stay Cool

Water can help regulate your body’s temperature in the warm weather, but it’s not a definite preventative against heat stroke. If you’re out in the sun for too long without proper protection or an adequate water supply, the heat could potentially make you sick. Stay in shaded areas, wear a hat, and always wear sunscreen. When an area of your body gets badly sunburnt and dehydrated, it can sometimes retain water and swell. Protect yourself ahead of time and avoid over-heating!

Wake Up With Water

Before you go to sleep, put a fresh glass of spring water somewhere near your bed. We can get easily dehydrated during the night as our bodies go 6-8+ hours without water. In the morning, drink the whole glass of water before having coffee or eating breakfast. This will help re-hydrate you and wake you up!

Eat the Right Foods

Sometimes we forget that our food also helps hydrate us. Fruits and vegetables are fantastic “extra” sources of water that boost our health and immune system in so many ways. Make your summer vibrant and colourful with watermelon and berries, as well as veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and celery.

Make It Taste Great!

Having a tall glass of ice water, or infusing your water with fruit, are great alternatives to help your hydration be even more enjoyable. The taste of your water makes all the difference, which is why we celebrate our great tasting spring water at Cedar Springs. Fresh and delicious, our spring water makes it easy to stay hydrated, and helps the summer months be the best they can be. To experience the great taste for yourself, call 1-800-952-3327 and order today!