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Glass Bottles – A Sustainable Choice

Glass has always been the go-to choice for high-end consumable beverages. It keeps them colder in the refrigerator, they taste better, and they look more distinctive on a shelf. The portability of glass was called into question decades ago, however, due to its fragility and propensity for breakage. As more people began carrying their thirst quenchers with them into a more active and transient lifestyle, the use of glass bottles, in particular, started to wane. Plastic took over and became a far more convenient choice.

Plastic is still a good, strong solution as a container for all sorts of things, from food to liquids (including water); however, glass has entered back into the market in a big way with modern manufacturing techniques. These once fragile bottles are now made double-walled, tempered and even reinforced by sleeves and decorative metallic material, in some cases. They have several advantages over other reusable drinking solutions. With a focus on lowering waste and finding materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, it is an exceptional choice. Consider this:

•Glass is 100% recyclable

Glass can be endlessly recycled without compromising its quality or purity. This is an exciting fact and one that very few other daily use items can make as far as maintaining its integrity through a variety of iterations. 80% of the glass recovered is recycled. New glass products and other usable items can be refashioned in order to make the most out of that one original item. Glass’ recycling process is not only sustainable, but remarkably quick. A glass container can be processed in less than 30 days, which means the glass that was just put in the recycling bin can be reborn on the shelf less than a month later.

•Lowest possibility of chemical interaction

The qualities of glass are such that virtually no contaminants can leach into it from the outside. It is impermeable and non-porous. Whatever it holds will maintain its taste, smell and composition without any interference from the properties of the glass.

•Lowers food waste and saves money

Leftovers in the refrigerator end up thrown in the trash more often than not, because they go bad before anyone realizes. The clarity of glass makes it possible to see what’s inside so the contents can be checked easily and eaten before it’s too late. Also, tempered glass containers keep food fresher longer due to their non-porous nature.


Glass isn’t as fragile as it used to be. The bottles that are made now are double-walled and be sturdier. There are also several reusable water bottles on the market today that have silicone sleeves to reinforce the glass, which also makes them easier to grip, and ensure it is protected for transport.

Taste and sustainability are two reasons Cedar Springs offers glass bottles as an alternative to plastic. This is a timeless way to transport and enjoy water that also lowers waste and keeps the planet green.