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The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

We’ve talked before on our blog about the importance of drinking tea; specifically green tea.

Green tea comes from the leaves and buds of a tea plant known as Camellia sinensis. Usually, these leaves wither and oxidize to make black teas, but with green tea, the leaves don’t undergo this process. Green tea originated in China over 4000 years ago, and has spread world wide since! Today, let’s explore the benefits of this super drink, and see how it can help us heading into the cold seasons.

1)Green tea helps your metabolism

Green tea can increase your metabolic rate, and therefore boosts the rate at which you burn fat. Green tea contains caffeine, which separates fatty acids from fat tissue and uses them for energy. Green tea also has the potential to lower appetite and prevent fat gain by inhibiting the formation of blood vessels (which is linked to fat tissue growth).

2)Green tea may prevent cardiovascular disease

Studies of green tea have shown that it can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and the blood fats in your body. When any of these are too high, your heart health is at stake. Green tea also hinders the oxidation of LDL (cholesterol levels), which lead to poor arteries and heart disease. Those who drink green tea are also less likely to experience a stroke.

3)Green tea can improve your brain function and mental health

As we noted above, green tea contains caffeine. It isn’t as strong as the dose you’ll drink in a cup of coffee, but it’s enough to stimulate your brain without making you jittery. Caffeine has been proven to improve mood, memory, and reaction time. Green tea also contains a specific amino acid that helps lower anxiety, and increases dopamine. In addition to this, studies have shown that an antioxidant in green tea known as a catechin has the potential to lower the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer's.

4)Green tea reduces inflammation

Within green tea are polyphenols, which lower inflammation. These antioxidants can also defend your cells against damage that leads to chronic and terminal illnesses. If you’re suffering from inflammation, asthma, allergies, or arthritis, or want to prevent premature aging, try drinking a few cups of green tea daily.

5)Green tea boosts immunity

In addition to all of the above, green tea also supports immunity. Not only does it hydrate your body and flush out toxins, but it’s considered to be prebiotic. This benefits your gut health, which your immune system is greatly dependent on. Green tea also has antioxidants that are antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.

Green tea is one of the best teas you can drink this season to help boost your body and fight off ailments.

Don’t forget that it’s not just tea, but water, that can make a big difference for your health! Spring water is the best water to brew your tea in. Not only is Cedar Springs water naturally filtered and great for your body, but it also lends an incredible taste to your drinks!