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7 Drinks that Help You When You’re Sick

What’s the one thing people usually say when someone is under the weather? “Drink lots of fluids!” This is definitely valuable advice, but it comes with limits that most are not aware of. While being hydrated is crucial to fighting a cold or flu, sometimes we end up choosing drinks that have lots of electrolytes and even more sugar. Or we reach for a glass of tap water, which can’t offer the pure, natural hydration that our bodies need. When our system is down, one of the best things we can do is intake liquids and foods that boost immunity. Here are seven recommended drinks for the next time you or someone else isn’t feeling their best. Now you can be the one who gives advice about hydration, with facts to share as well.


The first drink on our list is water. You guessed it, right? True to the saying, water is the best thing you can drink in general, and especially if you’re sick. But like we mentioned earlier, the type of water you drink is incredibly important. Compounds like chlorine and fluoride are added to tap water to keep it uncontaminated, but this doesn’t mean that municipal water is pure or healthy; and distilled water lacks the minerals your body requires. This is why spring water is essential to your recovery and a strong immunity. It’s natural, clean, and has an intrinsic balance of nutrients.

Cedar Springs specializes in natural spring water. Our water is bottled fresh from a protected Canadian spring, and delivered across the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re interested in making the switch to spring water, check out our glass bottles! Our spring water not only tastes great on its own, but its a great base for teas and fruit-infused drinks, which leads us to our next few suggestions.

Green Tea

This is a super drink when it comes to health. Green Tea is known for its nutrients, and is a recommended aid in fighting bacteria and viruses. Green tea also helps quicken metabolism, lowers risk of ailments, and is seen overall as a fantastic benefit to the body. It’s offered in stores and shops in lots of different flavours (some with added vitamins like B6 or Vitamin C), and comes in either tea bags or as loose leaves. The next time you need a pick-up, steep some green tea inside a nice, hot cup of spring water.

Lemon Water

What’s your preference: cold or hot? With lemon water, you can have it both ways. Hot spring water with lemon juice and honey is great for symptoms like congestion and throat pain. On the flip-side, spring water infused with lemon slices is a hydration hero. Lemon itself is nourishing, packed with Vitamin C, tastes good, and boosts immunity. If you’re trying to be healthier for any reason, lemon water is a great idea!

Ginger and Turmeric tea

Each of these ingredients packs a punch of their own, but they’re often combined when treating illnesses. Both ginger and turmeric have been used as natural medicine for years, helping to lessen inflammation, lighten pain, and strengthen immunity. Ginger Turmeric tea can be bought pre-packaged in stores and teashops, but also made at home. Mix turmeric powder with grated ginger and some lemon, in a hot cup of spring water. Cinnamon or honey can be added to taste. Reach out to us on our Cedar Springs Facebook page and let us know how you liked this recipe!


Pronounced as “kuhmboochuh”, this is a fermented black tea often combined with natural fruit juices. This drink is considered to be a potential probiotic, and while it’s a little bit of an acquired taste and slightly acidic, it takes no time at all to prefer its fruity flavour above regular sugary drinks. The fermentation of kombucha offers your body a “good” bacteria, that largely helps digestion and inflammation by contributing to the microbiome in your gut. This is a huge benefactor to your immunity, as there continues to be more evidence that physical health is closely dependent on gut health. If you are yet to try kombucha for yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Orange Juice

This drink is the classic go-to for some extra Vitamin C, and also has lots of potassium and carotenoids. Sounds great, right? Yes, except for the sugar. Store-bought juices are known for their high sugar content, which might hinder your immune system more than help it. If you love the taste of orange juice, its better to squeeze oranges yourself or buy from a natural, healthy brand that limits added sugars in their products. Orange juice is great, but having it alongside other drinks that offer vitamin C (like the lemon water mentioned above) is even better!

Homemade Vegetable Broth

This is a tried and true recipe, though usually recommended as a soup. In a big pan or pot, boil a generous amount of spring water with vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and a little bit of olive or coconut oil. The vegetables will cook and soften, blending juices with the spring water to make a hardy broth. You can enjoy it from a mug, or have it in a bowl. The choice is yours, and the debate is on: does this count as a drink, or a food? Let us know!

Should you find yourself feeling under the weather, sample some (or all) of these drinks and recipes. To try the great taste of our Cedar Springs water, visit www.cedarspringswater.ca or call 1-800-952-3327 today.