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Option A: Credit Card Payments

Cedar Springs' payment terms are net 30 days. Our customers receive individual invoices with each water delivery. In addition, at the end of each month we issue month end statements that are clear and easy to understand. The statements are very much like credit cards statements, detailing the transactions for the month. Payments can be made by cheque, credit card, through the Internet or via telephone banking. Our customers can also be set up on automatic credit card payments or preauthorized payments

Simply fill out the form and a representative from our accounting department will contact you within 1-2 business days for your credit card information.

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Option B: Preauthorized Bank Payments

Preauthorized bank payments can be set up to be withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th or 25th of each month. If you wish to set up to preauthorized bank payments, please contact our accounting department and speak with a representative at 416-798-7675. Click here for a online copy of the Pre-Authorized debit agreement form