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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in a Home Water Purification System

Have you thought about purchasing and installing some type of water purification system or device in your home? Many people find that they improve the quality of life around the house and allow them to make better use of their water supplies. As you continue to think about the installation, ask these five questions. The answers will help you make the right decision.

Do I Need Some Type of Water Purifier?

Some people believe that Brampton water filters and home purification systems are not all that important. They point toward the efforts made by the local municipality to supply water that is suitable for consumption. Without minimizing the efforts made by your local community, the fact is there is more to clean water than what happens at those huge purification stations.

Factors like the residue found in your home plumbing can also affect water quality. If you have a home system or at least a filter on the sinks, you can remove that residue and enjoy water that tastes better and is better for you.

Those who rely on water from wells or a local pond or lake should also consider installing some type of filtration system. Regular checks of the water itself will reveal what sort of contaminants are present. That information will help you decide what sort of purifier and filter you need.

How are Purifiers Certified?

The Standards Council of Canada uses specific ANSI/NSF standards to certify water purifiers and filters. There are six standards in all, with each one relating to softening, distilling, and purification treatments and systems. In order to certify specific devices, the Council has authorized three certification bodies: Underwriters Laboratories, NSF International, and CSA International. The latter is specifically authorized to issue certifications for drinking water treatment units related to health effects and aesthetic effects.

Remember that you only want to purchase a device that is properly certified. Anything lesser will not provide the benefits you want and is likely to not hold up well to ongoing use.

Will I Need to Take Mineral Supplements if I Use a Filter?

There are those who believe it’s necessary to purchase and take mineral supplements if you install a water purifier and filter. The logic behind that belief has to do with how much mineral content is removed from the water. In fact, most people obtain most of the vitamins and minerals they need from food.

If you follow a balanced diet, the relatively small amount of healthy minerals removed from the water will make no difference. What will happen is that you will no longer consume other contaminants that may be interfering with your body’s ability to effectively absorb minerals from your food.

Are Filtration Systems Hard to Maintain?

Ease of use is another question many people have about installing water filtration systems in their homes. Many are simple to install and require little maintenance. The filters used for the better systems can be reached with ease and require only a minute or two to replace. As long as you remember to change the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the system will work perfectly.

Are The Systems Expensive?

There is an up front cost associated with installing a water purifier. The amount of expense will depend on whether you are installing something under the kitchen sink of a system designed for the entire home.