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Choose Soft Water


Soft water is gentle, beautifying and enriching, leaving soft, clean skin and silky more manageable hair.

Hard water prevents soap from lathering and rinsing off thoroughly. This will often leave an invisible film that can block pores and attract and hold dirt and bacteria causing skin to chap, itch and become dry. When hair is washed in hard water it becomes limp and lifeless, and coloring does not penetrate evenly.

Washing with softened water eliminates these problems, increasing the products efficiency, using less soap, shampoo and skin care products.

Cedar Stream Filtration believes that water should be brought back to its truest, purest form. With a Cedar Stream Filtration whole home water system it’s closer than ever.

Benefits of Soft Water


No matter how much soap or detergent is used, washing laundry with softened water has proved to be significantly more effective than doing laundry with hard water. When washing with hard water, the water combines with the ingredients of the soap and detergents to form a dulling curd on clothing that holds soil in the fabric and shields it from removal. This causes clothing to look dingy, grayed, or yellowed and to mat or stiffen with repeated washings. Fibers may deteriorate and wear out at a faster rate.

Softened water on the other hand, activates the soap or detergent to make a smaller amount (up to 55% less) work much more effectively while aiding the rinsing process that removes the dirt and cleaning agents from the fibers. This lengthens the fibers life and leaves brighter, cleaner and softer clothing.



Here too, the cleaning agents combine with the minerals in hard water to form a dulling film on the dishes.

Softened water makes your dishes and glassware shine - hard water spots are eliminated and you will use half the amount of detergent or soap that the hard water required.


Studies have proven that softened water cuts the time required for housecleaning from almost 4 hours to less than 2 1/2 hours! With soft water a quick rinse or once over will wipe clean your sinks, tubs, shower tiles, and plumbing fixtures.

No more hard water soap scum to scour and scrub (no more harsh chemicals are required).

Floors, windows, and woodwork all clean quicker and brighter when cleaning with softened water.

Plumbing and Appliances

Hard water has an obvious adverse effect on appliances and plumbing systems. It’s easiest to see as the rock hard scale forms on shower heads, faucets, and humidifiers. This can also build up rapidly in dishwashers, washing machines, pipes and water heaters, decreasing their life. Water heaters can consume up to 22% less energy with soft water than with hard water!